Thursday, April 20, 2017

Zeitgeist - Collectively We Can Change The World

Share Your Zeitgeist

Collective positive energy and thoughts connect and become very powerful, there are many examples if you look thru history. One of my favorites is looking at all Boston sports teams improvement and championships during the past 16 years OR since the Pats one the '01 Super Bowl it launched a new Zeitgeist. Prior to that totally unexpected major upset Patriots win, the year after the Red Sox lost the American League championship painfully in seven games to the Yankees in you could say to a Red Sox fan "they're looking good"' early in the season and the usual reply was "yea, just wait 'til September." Negative Zeitgeist "collective outlook" was the real "Curse of the Bambino." After the Patriots won the shocker - fans began to BELIEVE collectively. The following season, they broke many records with the greatest championship series comeback, in baseball history - winning four straight in NY and Fenway after losing the first 3. The fans believed for a change because of the Pats and no one could convince that wasn't a major factor in the win. 

It's so often said, in so many ways yet so seldom taken to heart and lived by - what you send out (positive or negative) is what comes back or "Karma's a bitch." This world would change in so many ways - diseases cured, disasters avoided, just plain better lives would be lived if more of us were patient and took the time to only project positive and creative energy in all we do.

Concentrated, united, powerful thoughts are often the seeds of miracles. I'm referred to as a "walking miracle," after an accident that shattered by leg, damaged my brain, led to a rare bone disease and included an enlightening near death experience. I visited our next plane of existence for a few moments, this eliminated my fear of death and gave me a unique understanding of humanity, especially suffering and loss. This forces me to help others in need regularly to feel worthy of a miraculous second life. It also taught me that Jesus, Mohammad and others were right - we're all children of God. Encourage everyone to think positive - it can be done simply by sharing a smile and kind words. I'd like to live long enough to see some kind of enlightenment strike the human condition and somehow encourage people to absorb and project powerful positive and creative energy and thoughts. It's truly amazing how they can connect and bring about positive change, I had an amazing experience and have heard a remarkable amount of stories filled with similar experiences. Dreams do come true and prayers can be answered.

Life is hope - without that it fades away. The human race has the ability to spark miracles and change things for the better. Leading to cures, the end of senseless violence and tragedy. It can all start with simply sharing a meaningful, understanding smile and more of us becoming conditioned to look for the best in everything and never give up hope. Some of the most remarkable people who have changed the world often said they believed everything is already available to us, like a radio station - they tuned in to an existing energy and received instructions for inventions such as the telephone, TV and many more. The truth is out there - inspiration, cures we need and so much more - it has to be tuned in to. Thinking positive is the first step, meditation - sharing love, unity, giving unconditionally wanting nothing in return, accepting, believing and sharing it continually can lead to the discovery. Living this way is a path to the Lord. Jesus understood, talking about how life can change leaving us with hope and instructions often; "love thy neighbor," "turn the other cheek" are just two examples. There are more from nearly every religious icon - the entire world is family, I pray someday it's population will get it. Until then we can help start if we live in the love he expressed, send it out what you want patiently and daily - it can and will improve your life and strengthen you for all the challenges we face. May unconditional love be with you.

Zeitgeist. - Understand, unite, connect it with positive and/or creative energy and spread it every chance you can.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Art Of Inspiration - TCM Classic Film Festival 2017

Since it began in April of 1994, TCM - Turner Classic Movies has been dialed in on my TV more than any other channel. Since my childhood I've been fond of old movies, however it wasn't until TCM began showing them without commercials 24/7 that I fully realized why and what an abundance of them we have to treasure. The more I learned about The Golden Age Of Hollywood and it's iconic stars, the more I learned there is to love. At the time I'd never heard of the late Robert Osborne, but it didn't take long for me to become extremely impressed by his unique insight as he introduced films and interviewed many legendary actors for the "Private Screenings" and "The Essentials" programs. In the 90's there were many stars of films from as early as the 1930's still living and thankfully for fans, many of them loved being brought back into the public eye and sharing countless fascinating stories that now live on forever. Robert Osborne had an amazing talent for making elderly guests - many who hadn't been in front of a camera for decades - quickly at ease and opening up about their lives and careers. 

Over the years as films became filled with graphic violence, gore and obscenities my interest in the majority of new films rapidly faded. Having studied creative writing and becoming a freelance writer, I watched films on TCM from the 1930's through the 1960's from a totally different vantage point. Quickly it became clear to me that truly great storytelling was rapidly becoming a lost art and how creative screenwriters once were, often out of necessity. As strict production codes began being enforced in 1934, these writers were severely handicapped by what could and couldn't be seen or heard on the Silver Screen. This led to a hidden language being developed by screenwriters that often effectively passed over the heads of Hays production code enforcers but not moviegoers. Audiences learned what the writers were saying when a love scene faded out or ended as a gush of wind suddenly blew doors open, shattered windows or lamps and furnishings fell over. Witty dialogue was often filled with clever innuendos or double entendres that purred in films such as "The Big Sleep" with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall and "Out Of The Past" with Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer. 

As a performing artist and writer, classic films continue to serve as inspiration and entertainment, I can watch them over and over seemingly discovering something new each time. In April of 2010 TCM held their first Classic Film Festival, each year since I've watched wishing I could be there, with an opportunity to meet Robert Osborne, even if the films featured weren't exactly my favorites. Every year since the event has become more popular and my desire to go grown more intense - especially as it would also be a brief escape from the cold of New Hampshire. On Monday April 3rd, 2017 my beloved Angel Donna and myself will be flying to Chicago where we will board a train headed for Los Angeles, to attend the TCM Classic Film Festival, making several dreams for two artists become reality. Sadly, we'll never have the chance to meet the late Robert Osborne. However the event will be dedicated to him and the lineup of films and attending celebrity guests is amazing with "Make 'Em Laugh" as this year's theme. We will be filming and writing about our travels and festival events - and posting to this and other blogs. We're looking forward to meeting other classic movie fans, if you will be attending please let us know and we'll see you there for laughter, inspiration and sunshine. Email us:

To celebrate our attending the Festival, with a chance to meet Mel Brooks, Donna has done some amazing illustrations inspired by "Blazing Saddles" and "Young Frankenstein" as well as one of Bogie and Bacall, we've made them available on a number of products as part of our SideTrack Station Marketplace -- STS Printshop  

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If you're unfamiliar with how profound Robert Osborne's contribution to the network and world of classic film, watch the "Private Screenings" episode when Alec Baldwin interviewed him, it was a truly special broadcast. 

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Happy Classic Film Celebrating!  

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Window Into The History Of Classic Films Sadly Closes

Beloved Film Historian, Writer, Actor and Turner Classic Movies Host Robert Osborne, Passed Away Of Natural Causes On March 6th, 2017.

This is sad news for fans of classic films, TCM and countless members of the entertainment industry. It's difficult to imagine any Hollywood personality more universally loved and respected than Robert Osborne. He pulled the switch that launched the Turner Classic Movies TV Network in April of 1994 and became a welcome household guest across the world from that day on. His extensive knowledge of the films he introduced, its stars, everyone behind the cameras, little known tidbits, together with his gentle on-screen charm, undoubtedly has played a large role in TCM's success.

In addition to introductions, Osborne hosted TCM's "Private Screenings" during which he brilliantly interviewed many of Hollywood's biggest and brightest stars. Many stars of the Golden Age were interviewed during TCM's first years, leaving us many fabulous segments with iconic legends. Guests such as Olivia de Haviland, Eva Marie Saint, Robert Wagner and many others went on to become close, personal friends with Robert. Eva Marie Saint has said on many occasions, "I love my husband first, Robert second," it's apparent that Osborne was equally charming and beloved off-screen as well as on. For twenty-three years he's been the face of TCM, during that time he provided unique insight into the world's most popular entertainment medium and thankfully he left us with a wealth of information that will continue to fascinate, captivate and introduce younger generations to the wonders of classic film.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Live Long & Prosper, Food For Thought..........

Save Some Money, Gather Some Free Positive Thinking

People spend hundreds of dollars every day after watching daytime TV or listening to talk radio for books and courses from modern self proclaimed Gurus who have supposedly discovered secrets previously unknown and changed thousands of lives for the better. All of them make multiple references to music, such as think of "the song you love the most, body and soul, makes you feel fantastic when you hear it, now imagine all of your life being that way."  It's no coincidence they ALL make musical references, music is an extremely powerful force. Visualize, project - this wisdom has been handed down to us all through many amazing teachers and it's within us all from the start, ALL life is connected, even science now says so.  

Thinking of buying "The Laws Of Attraction?" save some money, head ancient wisdom expressed through the great John Hiatt - "We Only See The World We Make."  Project negative, it returns, as does, positive, creative and even pro-creative energy.  That's what you'll buy and spend hours on.  If you feel the need to read words of wisdom or a guide book to think positive, project positive and expect positive, I strongly suggest "Man's Eternal Quest," by Paramahansa Yogananda it's filled with all the wisdom now selling for hundreds in one place, for less than $10.

Proven ancient wisdom is what they're selling, it's applying it that's the tricky part for most. Jesus said "Love Your Neighbor," "Forgive Your Enemies." As did Muhammad and Buddha only in a different language.  A well known author and wonderful man released a book that only needed the title; "You'll See It When You Believe It." All of this is in our reminders "By Helping Others We Help Ourselves." and "For The Benefit of ALL."

Visualize true happiness, this isn't easy because most of us don't really know what would make us happy.  Many believe its money, Robin Williams had plenty, did it bring him a happy life?  Countless other examples like that. Discovering what would make you truly happy is the first step with or without a book.  Positive thinking is one of the most powerful forces in the world, when it becomes collective, amazing things happen.  For 86 years Red Sox fans collectively projected "wait until September," after the Patriots pulled of one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history, Boston sports fans suddenly believed and October brought home another championship. If this connection isn't obvious I don't know what obvious means.  It is the clearest example of positive zeitgeist I've personally witnessed and only proved something I already knew in my heart.

Random acts of kindness - just should not be, they should be consistent acts of kindness. On the busy street cars should not have to wait 15 minutes for someone to finally stop and let them turn.  A small glimpse of how simple and powerful kindness and thinking of others can change things.  Project this globally and we'd see the Heaven on Earth most of us would like to see.  Revenge, greed, judgmentalism and imperialism on a national level leads to more death, war and destruction, forgiveness and understanding leads to peace, love and understanding, sadly it's never been done be enough of our world at the same time.  I still wonder what IS so funny 'bout that.  Be Well and Be Kind.